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August 20, 2019

Let there be competition on work, not on fighting and quarrelling: Mamata Banerjee

Let there be competition on work, not on fighting and quarrelling: Mamata Banerjee

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee today inaugurated the Biswa Bangla Convention Centre. Following the inauguration, she addressed her supporters at a public meeting.

Over the last few years, the Trinamool Congress Government has taken Digha to a new height through development. Digha has always been a tourist been a tourist spot but now it’s so much better in terms of accessibility, cleanliness, safety (especially of women and children), beautification, etc., so much so that people from other States and even other nations are making a beeline for the place.

The arrival of several times more tourists, in turn, has resulted in providing the local population with many more opportunities for earning livelihoods.

The chief minister congratulated everyone involved for the spate of developmental activities and exhorted all to continue the good work.

Highlights of the chief minister’s speech:

Bangla was once very backward. Everyone used to look down upon the State. But over the last eight years, our rule has enabled people to change their attitudes.

We are still repaying the debt left behind by the Left Front Government. Despite that, we have not stopped with our developmental work.

Now the general pace of life is much faster, and to keep up with that we are also bringing about development fast.

For a long time, there was no dredging of two ports in Bangla.

As the minister in charge of railways, I was the first to connect ports with the railway network in PPP model.

Even 10 years back, there was nothing to boats of in Digha. I have created the 7km-long Marina Beach. Now there is Biswa Bangla Gate, Biswa Bangla Maidan. The Larica Hotel is being renovated.

I am a devotee of Sri Jagannath. A temple dedicated to him, like the one in Puri, would be build here. Digha will be turned into a place for religious tourism.

A permanent helipad has been built here. Tomorrow a seaplane is going to land here too.

An electric bus service to Digha would start soon, and for those buses, a charging station would be set up. Two parking plazas of international standard will be built.

A big port will be built in Tajpur near here. After needlessly requesting the Centre for five years, our State Government has decided to go ahead with the project. Many jobs will be created. The importance of the place will increase hugely.

A university is being set up in Mahishadal to commemorate Mahatma Gandhi’s 150th birth anniversary.

A memorial and a museum would be set up near Pichabani Bridge, where Matangini Hazra and other freedom fighters had protested against the British.

Now people are not being able to go to Kashmir. More hotels are being built here to draw tourists, which would in turn lead to the creation of jobs.

Keep the sea beach clean. I am asking the administrators and leaders to not let hawkers set up stalls anywhere and everywhere.

Set up small stalls and earn honest livelihoods. You have to increase your capacity to think innovatively.

Let no tourist return from Digha dissatisfied. Protesters in Darjeeling are destroying the beauty of the place.

In Bangla, there has been an increase of tourists by 34.1 per cent.

We organise Durga Puja Carnival which is visited by many foreign tourists.

From the government, we give five lakh people to the people every year. We have to set up coconut plantations here.

Water, electricity and greenery need to be conserved. We have to take up the responsibility ourselves.

Our government has dug up more than three lakh ponds and check dams (combined). Conserving water is extremely important. Don’t waste electricity; that will save both money and the environment.

My aim always is to find out ways to provide more and better services to the people.

We don’t allow people to strike and hamper industrial production. During our rule, over the last eight years, there not been a single strike.

The rate of GDP growth in Bangla is 12.58 per cent. We are the best in the country in skill development, MSMEs, e-tendering, e-governance, women’s empowerment and development of farmers.

We have got awards from the United Nations for the Utkarsh Bangla, Sabooj Sathi and Kanyashree schemes.

Let there be competition on work, not on fighting and quarrelling. Elections will come and go, but you have to work after getting elected.

I have asked my party to play a constructive role in Parliament. There is no shame in doing any type of work.

I am naming this convention centre as Dighashree. The hotel attached to this convention centre has 63 rooms.