Lok Sabha

August 5, 2019

Saugata Roy raises a Point of Order on the resolution on Jammu and Kashmir 

Saugata Roy raises a Point of Order on the resolution on Jammu and Kashmir 


Sir, I have a simple point of procedure: Points of Order are not raised during Zero Hour. The Zero Hour has started, Sir, but we received a copy of the resolution just a little while ago. Shri Amit Shah to move the following resolution that the President of India has referred the Jammu and Kashmir Reorganisation Bill, 2019 to this House under the provision of Article 3 of the Constitution of India for its view. 

Sir, it has not been the practice of this House ever to put a resolution ahead of a Bill. In our House, Bills are circulated in advance, then they are introduced, opposition to introduction is allowed and then the Bill is discussed. The Bill has not come to this House, it has not been circulated among members, it is still being debated in the other House, the Home Minister came and presented the resolution. 

Now, at the time he presented you took a vote, those in favour say ‘aye’. We wanted a division but you did not allow a division for whatever reason. Whatever resolution there is, you asked for ‘ayes’, you asked for ‘noes’. <interruption> Please listen to me Sir, without pointing finger at me. I am talking sense, I am trying to say that whenever there is a resolution and there is a voting on the resolution, a division on the resolution can be asked for. We wanted a division on the resolution. It concerns basic matters of the Constitution of India for the state of Jammu and Kashmir. Sir, what has been done has been wrong.