Lok Sabha

August 1, 2019

Kalyan Banerjee makes Zero Hour mention on digitalisation in Parliament

Kalyan Banerjee makes Zero Hour mention on digitalisation in Parliament


Sir, what you have said regarding digitalisation is a very laudable one, there is no doubt about it. I am just saying two or three things. The Supreme Court of India tried to introduce this system in the Supreme Court, making all the processes digital, but it failed. There are a few reasons. One of the reasons was that Wi-Fi was not available. The second reason was that you did not know when net would be available and when not available. So the Supreme Court had to go back to the old practice of using paper.  Now if you wish to do it in Parliament, the first thing you have to ensure is availability of Wi-Fi connection from beginning to end, without any interruptions.

I fully appreciate your views regarding using credit cards and debit cards for purchasing. One of my experiences, which happened last month, was that I tried to purchase something but failed because of the failure of the net connection. 

Therefore, your object is very laudable. But the question is, would Wi-Fi connection be available at every point of time? If not, your object would be frustrated.

I personally am more comfortable with using paper documents. I don’t know if anyone else will agree with this or not, but when you look at the screen and try to read the things, registration in the mind is not as good as when you read from paper.

Therefore, I request you to first introduce Wi-Fi properly in the Parliament. Let it run on an experimental basis for six months. Then introduce the online procedure. So far as using debit and credit cards for purchasing online is concerned, I have no difficulties. But can you use it in the Central Hall of Parliament? You can’t because there is invariable no connection. The call drop, net drop ministry is there, it should look into it. Therefore, I am sorry to say, the object is laudable but \it is frustrated because of no net connection.