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February 12, 2015

WiFi Kolkata – One week after launch, positive response pours in

WiFi Kolkata – One week after launch, positive response pours in

Kolkata – India’s first WiFi city is still creating buzz in the world of social media and random coffee shops around the city. Much to the delight of those who are using the services rolled out by the Bengal government in Park Street a week before today, the latest addition to the city has brought nothing but smiles on citizens’ faces.



Here’s what much enthusiastic social media ‘keedas’ have to say a week from the launch of WiFi Kolkata

Kolkata Bloggers Rejoice

  • Kolkata now comes up with a variety of visible changes to the city – beautiful river banks, newer set of trident street lights, AC bus stops to name a few and now the Wi-Fi – Anirban Saha
  • The youth today are more at ease today with wireless devices and welcome this move by the government – Anirban Saha
  • The 5th of February, 2015 was historic. Kolkata needed WiFi. And it was served what it needed – Nabhoneel Majumdar
  • This was a momentous occasion for all bloggers – going digital is the way forward – Arjyak Bhattachrya
  • With free Wi-Fi more people will get access to internet, thus making Kolkata a ‘smart city’. As your phone number gets registered, all illegal activities done using the Wi-Fi network can be tracked easily – Rimbik Das
  • 5 February will be remembered in the history of #KolkataMilestones as it becomes #WiFiKolkata – Abhishek Chamaria
  • The world today is digitally advanced..having a social identity online.. Industries and Entrepreneurs have this Wi-Fi zoning of the city like a gift to them…not mentioning the benefits for the common people – Saimantick Bhadra
  • Citizen journalism can evolve in due course of time. Will benefit during an emergency to establish communication with those who need help – Asmita Nandy
  • Kolkata having the reputation for being the city of firsts, from golf to metros and trams, it is now the first fully WiFi enabled city in India – Kanishk Xavier Gomes
  • Kolkata is the first metro city which aims to go fully WiFi by April 2015 – Poorna Banerjee
  • Home is where the WI-Fi connects automatically and much justifies Kolkata being our hometown – Sonket


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