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February 27, 2015

WB CM proposes a number of schemes for poor at the Assembly

WB CM proposes a number of schemes for poor at the Assembly

West Bengal Chief Minister Ms Mamata Banerjee asked all to join hands and work together for the development of the State while speaking at the West Bengal Legislative Assembly. She also said that the Trinamool Congress members will lay down their lives but not let divisive force to set foot in Bengal and create communal tension. “Trinamool Congress workers will give up their lives but will not allow these divisive forces to set foot in Bengal. This is our pledge. Our party symbol is twin flowers,” the West Bengal Chief Minister said.

Regarding, the financial crisis of the State, the Chief Minister elaborated that she has written to the Prime Minister re-stressing for a special package for West Bengal. “The devolution of more Central Grants from 32% to 42% comes with a footnote, it clubs nearly seven central projects which was already there. So it’s a misnomer really. West Bengal is unique in that case, where a significant part of our revenue is spent on debt servicing. It is imperative that this demand (to grant a special status) is met. From the UPA-2 regime to NDA we’ve only got assurances in this regard,” the Chief Minister said.

The Chief Minister laid down a proposal for the workers of the closed tea gardens. She said that a fund of Rs 100 crore may be formed for their welfare. She also proposed that the Kendu leave collectors may be registered with Social Security Scheme.

The Chief Minister also laid down statistics which proved that the State was in a much better position compared to others regarding crime against women.

The West Bengal Chief Minister also announced that the Furfura Sharif Development Council is being set up with the Urban Development Minister Firhad Hakim as one of the heads.

The Chief invited the members of the Opposition Party members to join a delegation that will meet the Prime Minister and place the demands of the State for immediate relief from the debt burden, so that growth and development efforts continue unhindered.