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February 6, 2015

Social Media gives high-five for WiFi Kolkata

Social Media gives high-five for WiFi Kolkata

Kolkata took its first tottering step towards turning into a Wi-Fi city with a tweet from chief minister Mamata Banerjee, in which she announced turning Park Street into a Wi-Fi zone.

As soon as Mamata went online after inaugurating the service and her message was flashed on a giant screen, hundreds seated in the audience along the southern flank of Park Street attempted to log in.

“We are proud to be the country’s first Wi-Fi city. More than 2,000kms of cables have already been laid and work along just 250300kms is left,” the CM said.

On social media, it was a festive mood. Thousands of messages were pouring in on the official Twitter account of Mamata Banerjee, thanking her for delivering the digital gift to the city.

Here are some tweets:


The first tweet



Voice of youth




Sentiment of the city


WB CM with the selfie stick



People on Twitter thanking Didi


Stepping into the future


Looking forward towards a more empowered generation


All India Radio’s tweet mentioning the WiFi Launch


Dignitaries on the stage taking a groupife to mark the launch


Kolkata’s achievement becomes a reason for pride for Indian’s abroad


Congratulations and support pours in for Kolkata