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February 7, 2015

Happy hours on WiFi Street

Happy hours on WiFi Street

Kolkatans logged in merrily on Park Street on Friday, putting to rest all apprehensions about connectivity. Hundreds strolling down the party street, stopping over at restaurants or just passing through the area availed of the free Wi-Fi service launched on Thursday. Most were happy with the service.

Private firm employee Suparna Gupta happened to be on Park Street for a business lunch. The moment she walked out of the restaurant, Suparna remembered that she was in the Wi-Fi zone. She fished out her smartphone and scanned the Wi-Fi option. “And yes, there it was. The network asked me to type out my phone number and the moment I did, a password was SMSed to me. The network speed was good,“ she said.

Ankit Jain, a student, dropped in at a cafeteria for a quick cuppa. The moment he started fiddling with his phone, the Reliance Jionet icon popped up on his screen. “I logged in more out of curiosity . It worked pretty well,“ said Jain.

“It’s been fast and efficient so far,“ said Abhishek Ray , a blogger.


This article was originally published in The Times of India, 07.02.2015