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February 11, 2015

India will soon witness BJP’s end: Abhishek Banerjee in Krishnaganj

India will soon witness BJP’s end: Abhishek Banerjee in Krishnaganj

Abhishek Banerjee on Tuesday said that the Delhi electorate today has said BHAG MODI BHAG! He also raised the slogan: “Delhi te holo Shuru, Banglai hobe sesh, Ebar Bharat dekhbe, Modi-mukto desh (Delhi has started, Bengal will end, India will witness BJP’s end).”

He was addressing a campaign rally at Badkulla in Krishnaganj Assembly constituency at Nadia in support of the Trinamool candidate Mr Satyajit Biswas.

The Trinamool Youth Congress Chief urged people to set an example by raising the margin of victory and defeating the Opposition.

On BJP being decimated at the Delhi elections, he congratulated Kejriwal saying,  “Today’s verdict in Delhi has proven that political vendetta, smear campaign and arrogance have no place in a healthy democracy. Today AAP did to BJP what the later did to Indian National Congress in the 2014 LS. BJP at this juncture can’t even claim the LOP in Delhi Assembly. History repeats itself. Such is the strength and power of our democracy.”

“The change has started from Delhi. This victory is of the people. Delhi elections are a game changer. Janata is janardan in any democracy. The common people have spoken and replied befittingly to the autocratic narcissists. Entire country will follow Delhi’s example in future,” he had earlier written on his Facebook page.