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February 9, 2015

Bengal number one in 100 Days’ Work : WB CM at Mati Tirtha, Bardhaman

Bengal number one in 100 Days’ Work : WB CM at Mati Tirtha, Bardhaman

The State government organised the first leg of “Mati Tirtha Krishi Katha”, in Bardhaman. The conference will continue for three days and the second leg in Balurghat. The conference is indented to inform the farmers of the latest developments in agriculture and also how to avail easy agricultural loans.

The current government is giving agriculture top priority and such conferences are being held to reach out to farmers.

WB CM Ms Mamata Banerjee inaugurated the conference at Bardhaman and she spoke to farmers and take questions from them.

The state government will also deploy agricultural experts to advice farmers regarding preventive measures to be adopted to prevent fungus infection of several agricultural crops.

It may be recalled that the state government has already provided Rs 4.70 crore for the development of agriculture in several districts.

Highlights of WB CM speech:

  • We thank the United Nations for sending a representative for the inauguration of Mati Tirtha.
  • UN has declared 2015 as the International Year of Soils.
  • Bengal has been celebrating Mati Utsav for the last three years at Panagarh.
  • We have set up a Mati Tirtha at the Agricultural University in Bardhaman.
  • The Mati Tirtha will advise farmers in increasing efficiency of agriculture and improving productivity. The Mati Tirtha will help people associated with soil 365 days in a year, not just during 7 days of Mati Utsav.
  • We must ensure farmers are able to easily sell their products in urban areas, not just rural areas.
  • Mati (soil) is our janmabhoomi, karmabhoomi.
  • We have inaugurated 429 roads today. The project cost Rs 1151 crore
  • In the past we initiated the process of building 60000 km of roads in rural areas.
  • Centre is not giving us any funds. Instead they are taking away all our revenues. We are paying for sins committed by others.
  • We want answers from the Centre. We will go to Delhi if necessary. Bengal must get its dues.
  • They have no base in Bengal. They only appear on TV studios. They have no idea about running government.
  • I welcome criticism. But some people are indulging in smear campaign. UPA neglected Bengal. BJP is crossing all limits.
  • Why did our predecessors not think of Krishak Bazars, Mati Tirtha? Why did they not set up schools, hospitals?
  • We have given Kisan Credit Cards to 35 lakh people. We gave land pattas to 2.5 lakh people.
  • We will also set up Mati Tirtha at north Bengal.
  • Post independence, only 34 colleges were set up in Bengal till 2011. In 3 years we set up 31 colleges.
  • Only 2 universities were set up in Bengal during CPM rule. We set up 7 government and 5 private universities in 3 years.
  • AIIMS is being set up at Kalyani. IIIT is coming up in Kalyani.
  • We had set up a target of 50,000 ponds for 5 years. We have already created more than 1 lakh ponds in 3 years.
  • Bengal is No. 1 in 100 Days’ Work Scheme. That is why Centre has stopped giving us funds.
  • BJP Govt slashed funds for 100 Days’ Work. Prices of fertilizers have been increased. Funds for PMGSY have been blocked.
  • Centre abolished the Planning Commission. We oppose that. Netaji conceptualised the Planning Commission. We will not accept this.
  • We increased our revenues. But the Centre is taking away our taxes.
  • We want federal structure to be strengthened. States must have power of taxation.
  • Food grain procurement in Bengal has crossed 1.74 lakh metric tonnes.
  • We are giving away benefits of various schemes to 25000 people today.