Rajya Sabha

February 24, 2015

Derek O’Brien’s intervention on Land Acquisition Ordinance | Transcript

Full transcript:

I have two quick points to make, both related to ordinances. I do not want to discuss the merits of the Bill, the Leader of the House has given information and it is selective information. He has told us how many ordinances passed during the Congress regime, how many ordinances passed in the last 50 years, here is a limited point.

My point is let us look at the last eight months and put a ratio as to how many Bills have been passed and how many ordinances have been introduced. If you consider post independence, about 10 to 15 ordinances. In the last nine months this Government has made a record for passing the least number of bills compared to ordinances. So the Leader of the House is giving us selective information by taking a 60 year period, which is incorrect.

Secondly, the Leader of the House is much more senior to me, much more articulate than me and I will not make cheap shots by using my time to try and give advertising slogans for his bills, I will not do that. I will restrain myself because as Trinamool Congress we were the only party against the UPA Ordinance. At that time they were the devils but they are looking like angels now. We were the only party opposed to the UPA II Bills. Earlier Parliament followed 3 Ds – Deliberate, Debate, Decide. Now only the Government decides.

Thank You.