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March 8, 2013

World Bank report praises Panchayati Raj system in Bengal

World Bank report praises Panchayati Raj system in Bengal
Project West Bengal Panchayati Raj Institutions
Objective To develop institutionally strengthened Gram Panchayats (GPs)
Project commenced in June 2010
Revised Closing date of project December 2015
4 Components to the project
Grants to Gram Panchayats
Capacity Building for GPs
State government oversight and monitoring of PRIs
Program Management and Implementation
Implementation Status
Overall the project has made significant progress during the past 2 years 3 months of implementation.
Performance of GPs have improved substantially on annual plan preparation, financial management including audit, accounting and financial reporting, absorption capacity of untied grants, project execution and service delivery and ensuring participation, transparency and disclosure of information.
Out of 1000 GPs from 9 project districts, 792 GPs have qualified for receiving the block grant of FY13-14 based on an independent Annual Performance Assessment undertaken for 1000 GPs between May – September 2012.
The project is providing full support to the Computerization Cell of the Panchayats and Rural Development Department (PRDD) for statewide roll out the Gram Panchayats Management System (GPMS) and upgradation of the GPMS system.
The PRDD has made the grant announcement of the block grants to the eligible GPs to enable their annual budget and plan preparation for FY13-14.
The priority for the project is to continue to provide on-site focused hand holding support to GPs on well-designed and customized training for GP functionaries on institutional performance and service delivery.
The mentoring support including the formal training is provided towards improving their service delivery function.
Locations of the implementation of the project
West Dinajpur
Koch Bihar