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March 20, 2013

CM lays foundation stone, inaugurates a slew of development projects at Karapara in Bankura District

CM lays foundation stone, inaugurates a slew of development projects at Karapara in Bankura District
West Bengal Chief Minister Ms. Mamata Banerjee addressed a public meeting at Karapara in Bankura district of West Bengal on Wednesday.

Speaking on this occasion, the Chief Minister slammed the UPA for backing out of providing rice at subsidized rate to BPL card holders in Jangalmaha. She said that it was the duty of the Central government but if they fail to provide their responsibilities then the State government would continue to provide rice at Rs. 2 a Kg, `We will continue to provide rice at Rs. 2 a Kg for those in the BPL category. It is the duty of the Central government but if they decide to pull their hands off, then I assure you that we will give within whatever limited resources we have. I have a commitment and I will not back out`. The Chief Minister said that had the State Government had sufficient funds then she would not have asked for the assistance.  `There is a limit to everything, the UPA government is going on increasing prices of essential commodities and now they say that they will stop giving Rs. 2 at Kg to BPL holders, I really have no words`, said an aggrieved Chief Minister.

The Chief Minister congratulated the people for putting up 100 percent work in 100-days programme. `I am very happy to see the amount of work done which used to 11-days initially. I am told that administration is harassing the workers which I condemn`, said the Chief Minister.

She also congratulated the women working with the self-help group and said, `It is really unfortunate that some of the banks are refusing loans to poor people and even to workers with various Self-Help groups. I have spoken to DM and instructed him to look into the matter. They must remember that it is public money. She said that if some political party feels that they will harass poor people having Trinamool preferences then they are wrong, `It is really sad that workers with self help group are being harassed, on the contrary in state like Andhra Pradesh, they offer 37 percent to 40 percent loan to Self-Help group while in Bengal only three percent is given`.

The Chief Minister reiterated her stand on the development of tourism in the State, `We will a Circuit Tourism projects by including Bankura, Shaltora, Susunia and Mukutmanipur. Also I would like to develop the tourism hub and introduce the `home tourism` in these places like we have done in Lamahata in Darjeeling and other parts in the Hills. The local people will have a good earning and also the tourist will have a home atmosphere`, said the Chief Minister who laid emphasis on building of more green toilets. The Chief Minister said that few crore of rupees will be invested in this region to develop tourism. `We have already invested Rs.  77 lakh in constructing cottages and development of tourism in Susunia area`, she added. The Chief Minister announced a Gramin Haat at Bishnupur. Apart from that she also laid emphasis on bamboo and Dokra art.

`The State government is concerned about the poor condition of farmers in the State, I know many of your produced especially chili and ladies fingers perish due to heat in the region and you incur a loss but to put an end to your problems, we are giving away 20 mobile cold storage facilities. Apart from that we will build Kisan Mandi in each and every block. Also we will construct markets enabling the farmers to sell their produced goods without being exploited by the middleman`, said the Chief Minister. The Chief Minister said that her government was giving van-rickshaws to 30,000 farmers who can carry their produced to markets. `We will be giving Rs. 8,000 to the farmers towards the installation of electricity to run pumps`, added the Chief Minister.   

`I feel happy to say that on an average the performance of boys and girls in exams is remarkable, I know you have a practical problem of traveling long distance. I therefore would like to suggest a university in Bankura. We will try to build the university on PPP module otherwise I assure you that we will build the university. The Left Front constructed only one university in 34-years and we have already made four universities – Panchanan Barma University in Cooch Behar, Nazrul University in Asansol, Women University at Diamond Harbour and one under the PPP module`, added the Chief Minister. Apart from that she informed that there will be more colleges.

Speaking on the occasion, the Chief Minister said that the State government will take special care of places like Purulia, Bankura and Mednipore which faces severe drought, `We in our manifesto had promised to dig 50 thousand ponds in five-years but I am happy to inform you that we have already dug nearly 42 to 45 thousand ponds. These ponds will enable us to fight with drought like situation in the future`, added the Chief Minister.

The Chief Minister announced that the government would give scholarships to girl children whose father`s annual income was within Rs 50,000, with Rs 500 each year from class eight to ten. On completion of 18 years, the girl would be given an one-time sum of Rs 25,000, she said. `I know under what all circumstances the parents marry off their young as I am aware of the social structures but those who will continue studies till the age of 18-years, government will offer an one-time Rs 25,000 to every girl child which they may use for their marriage or higher studies`, added the Chief Minister.