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March 26, 2013

Immense work in 100-days work, Centre gives Rs. 270 crore for Bengal

Immense work in 100-days work, Centre gives Rs. 270 crore for Bengal
West Bengal State government will received Rs. 270 crore from Central Government from the Ministry of Rural Development in the 100-days-work module. The Centre was happy to watch the immense development taken place in the 100-days-work-module.

The news was conveyed to West Bengal State Panchayat Minister Mr. Subrata Mukherjee over phone by Minister of Rural Development and Minister Mr. Jairam Ramesh on Monday.

State Panchayat Minister  Mr. Mukherjee informed the West Bengal government had requested for Rs. 342 crore, `We had written to Centre requesting for Rs. 342 crore towards aid. I am happy that the Centre has decided to give us Rs. 270 crore. I am sure this will enable us to carry our work in a better way`, said the Minister. The total amount sanctioned by the Centre for 100-days work module is Rs. 900 crore.

West Bengal Chief Minister during one of her public meeting had said that the number of man-days lost has decreased to 5,200 till September in 2012, which she described as `remarkable`. Citing statistics, she said 68 lakh man-days were lost in 2009-10, 65, 80,000 man-days were lost in 2010-11. `With the inception of the Trinamool Government at the end of May 2011, 60,000 man-days were lost in 2011-12. This year, in 2012-13 (up to September 2012), only 5,200 man-days have been lost`, added the Chief Minister.

The United Progressive Alliance (UPA) has already granted Rs. 4 crore in the 100-days-work module in the current fiscal year. After getting this aid West Bengal State would come on the second position in respect of sanction of maximum amount of aid in regard to 100-days-work in perspective of all the Indian States.

This development is quite significant since it shows that the immense development work which took place in the State in the 100-days-work compelled the UPA to acknowledge and sanction the aid.