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March 11, 2013

State Finance Minister presents Budget 2013-14, says development is higher in Bengal than any other State

State Finance Minister presents Budget 2013-14, says development is higher in Bengal than any other State
The State Budget session 2013-14 of the West Bengal Assembly got off to a start on Friday with Governor M. K. Narayanan addressing the House.
West Bengal State Financial Minister Dr. Amit Mitra on Monday afternoon presented the State Budget 2013-14 at the Assembly. Speaking on this occasion the Finance Minister said, `West Bengal is moving towards development. The percentage of development in West Bengal is much more compared to any other States in the Country`.
Some excerpts:
Increase in GDP of the Country in last financial year: 4.96%
Increase in GDP of West Bengal in last financial year: 7.6%.
 State to achieve a target of Rs. 22 lakh Metric tons in Rice Procurement in the coming financial year.
Increase in Industry in last financial year for India: 3.6%
Increase in Industry in last financial year for West Bengal: 6.2%.
State to provide 1 crore 31 lakh employment opportunities to unemployed in 2013-14 fiscal year.
Tax collection in the last financial year: 32 thousand crore. Whereas, the target was 31 thousand crore previous year.
Allotment for Agriculture: Rs 585 crore.
Allotment for Agricultural Marketing: Rs 181 crore.
'YUVA UTSAHO' Project to be implemented for the unemployed youths of the State, Rs 1500 to be given to individuals as monthly allowance.
Allotment for Animal Resource Development: Rs 209.20 crore.
Allotment for Fishery: Rs 165 crore.
Allotment for School Education: Rs 3203.52 crore.
Allotment for Higher Education: 270 crore.
Allotment for Sports: Rs 113 crore.
Allotment for Labour Department: Rs. 200 crore.
Allotment for Youth Development: Rs 120 crore.
Allotment for Public Health Welfare Department: Rs 910 crore.
Allotment for Health and Public Welfare: Rs 1260 crore.
Allotment for Transport: Rs 380 crore.
Allotment for Industry: Rs 540 crore.
Allotment for Panchayat & Rural Development: 2990 crore.
Allotment for Tourism: Rs 120 crore.
Allotment for Development of Roadways: Rs 895.43 crore.
Allotment for Food and Supplies: Rs 118 crore.
VAT to increase by 0.5%.
Allotment for Information Technology: Rs 113.13 crore.
Expansion of roadways in state: 3000 km by 2014.
Allotment for Food Processing Industries: Rs 81.6 crore.
500 Secondary Schools in the State to be converted to Higher Secondary School.
Allotment for Beleghata Lake Renovation: Rs 11.32 crore.
Every Govt. Hospital in the State to have Fair Price Medicine Shops.
Fishermen in the State to have Bio Metric Cards.
624 schools in the State to have toilets for girls
Professional Tax exemption: An exemption for those who have a monthly income up to Rs 7000.
Allotment for Kanyashree Project: Rs 750 crore.
Allotment for Ice Plant in Digha: Rs 8.9 crore.
Allotment for  Baghjola Canal Renovation: Rs 68 crore.
Allotment for  Minority Affairs & Madrasah Education: Rs 68 crore.
Allotment for Sundarban Affairs: Rs 275 crore. 
Allotment for North Bengal Development: Rs 240 crore.
Allotment for Land and Land Reforms: Rs 80 crore.
Allotment for Power and Non-conventional Energy: Rs 1116.55 crore.
Allotment for Housing Development: Rs 679 crore. 
Allotment for Backward Classes Welfare: Rs 523.24 crore.
Tax on Tobacco made products to increase by: 20-25 %.
10,24,521 job opportunities were created during 2012-13 fiscal year.
Allotment for Urban Development: Rs 1390.10 crore.
Allotment for Panagarh Industrial Park: Rs 450 crore.
Allotment for Technical Education and Training: Rs 494 crore.
Allotment for Municipal Affairs: Rs 2044 crore.
Allotment for Kharagpur Industrial Park: Rs 600 crore.
Allotment for Co-Operation: Rs 169 crore.
Allotment for Women and Social Welfare: Rs 100 crore.
Allotment for Child Welfare: Rs 1023 crore.
Allotment for Public Works: Rs 895.43 crore.
Allotment for Environment: Rs 25.85 crore.
Allotment for Fire and Emergency Services: Rs 88.49 crore.
Allotment for Self Help Group and Self Employment: Rs 283 crore.
Allotment for Information & Cultural Affairs: Rs 150 crore.
500 new schools to be constructed in the State.
Allotment for Paschimanchal Unnayan Affairs: Rs 150 crore.
Allotment for Micro and Small Scale Enterprises: Rs 326 crore.