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March 21, 2013

State Govt. plans to recruit 6,500 civic police in the hills

State Govt. plans to recruit 6,500 civic police in the hills

The West Bengal State government plans to recruit 6,500 civic police in the tree hill subdivisions.

This would not only open doors for employment for the unemployed youth in the hills but also enable the police force to maintain a proper law and order.  

These civic policemen would assist the Darjeeling Police and help them to maintain law and order in the region. Presently, there are 1,700 personnel and 1,000 home guards across 14 police stations in the Hills.  

According to senior officials in the police department, the recruitment of Civic police would come as of a great help for the police force which usually remain per-occupied controlling major law and order in the region. `The recruitment of civic police would help us in many areas like controlling of crowd and traffic especially during the festival season when we have large number of tourists and ensuring safety to locals as well as tourists in the regions`, said Darjeeling Superintendent of Police.

The distribution of the forms would commence from next week and continue till middle of April. Males within the age of 22 to 30 years who has passed Madhyamik examination cam apply. Apart from that he will have to possess a certificate either from National Cadet Corp NCC) or other groups like the Boy Scout or civil defense.  However, the basic difference between civic and rural police is that the rural police will only work in the rural areas but Civic police will work in both rural as well as in towns. 

Apart from that recruitment for sub-inspectors for the state will also commence and forms will be distributed at Darjeeling and Phansidewa police stations. Officials informed that a total of 400 new recruitment would take place, out of which 282 would be males and rest females.