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March 7, 2013

Trinamool Chief Whip Derek O`Brien takes up the issue of Air India Express closure in Kolkata at Rajya Sabha

Sir, Air India Express, before its expansion, has withdrawn its operations from Kolkata. Kolkata had three flights to Dhaka, to Singapore and to Mumbai.
Now, that is barely enough, but my question is related to the staff in Kolkata. The Delhi staff and the Mumbai crew have been kept on board. The Kolkata staff, one week ago, got a letter as if they were discriminated against because their base got shut down for no real good reason. Sir, the Kolkata staff got a letter one week ago asking them to shift by 6th of March to Mangalore. 
Sir, would the Minister consider looking into not only shutting the base down but also causing unnecessary harm to the staff by asking them to shift within one week to Mangalore?