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March 8, 2013

Trinamool MP Derk O`Brien speaks at RS on International Woman`s Day

Mr. Chairman, Sir, I am doubly delighted to be speaking on this occasion because after eight ladies this morning, I am the first man to express myself on International Women`s Day.
Let me begin by asking: when is International Men`s Day?
Few people know the answer. It is on November 19. International Women`s Day we all know is on March 8, but the reason we don`t know of International Men`s Day is because men dominate the other 364 days.
Before we get to bigger and important issues like legislation and administrative solutions, I appeal to all members of Parliament to start in small ways – let us be better husbands to our wives, let us be better fathers to our daughters, let us be better children to our mothers, let us be better brothers to our sisters.
So many political parties – including mine, have women as their leaders. May be this proves that women make better leaders.
Today is a historic day in Bengal. The Mamata Banerjee government introduces the historic Kanyashree bill, which is to promote education, health and overall well-being of the women in the State. I would urge other States to examine its contents and consider bringing such a legislation in their States too.
The people of Bengal are indeed inspired by Maa, Mati, Manush – yes, Maa (mother) is part of every aspect of life in our State.
Let me end with this rhyme: Let`s still give her flowers on Women`s Day
                                      And don`t only give her pepper spray.