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March 5, 2013

Chief Minister announces fair-price diagnostic centres in the State soon

Chief Minister announces fair-price diagnostic centres in the State soon
West Bengal Chief Minister Ms. Mamata Banerjee on Monday announced that the State Government was going to take an initiative to start fair-price diagnostic centres in the State. Stating this on her official facebook page, the Chief Minister expressed her happiness over the success of the fair-price medicine shops introduced in the State.  
The Chief Minister on her official facebook page wrote,
`For the first time, our government has introduced fair price medicine shops in government hospitals, which sell generic medicines, surgical/dressing material and cardiac devices at almost 48-67% less than the maximum retail price.
In general, cost of medicines constitutes about 50-80% of the cost of treatment. Common people are most often unable to afford high cost of medicines and are thus worst affected. The Fair Price Medicine shops will come of great help in this regard. 
Out of 35 fair price medicine shops targeted for opening, 24 have already been opened at various locations at Medical Colleges, State Hospitals, District Hospitals and few Sub-Divisional Hospitals.
The response from the common people is extremely positive. On the same line, we are planning to open fair price diagnostic centers at various locations.
I would like to appeal to the doctors in the government hospitals and also to the medical community to extend their support for the cause of common people, so that they can buy medicines at affordable rates from fair price medicine shops and save their precious money`.
The Chief Minister mentioned that the State Government had introduced these shops at government hospitals for the first time. She wrote on facebook that the 24-fair-price medicine shops have been already been opened at various locations across the State at medical colleges, State hospitals, district hospitals and some of the sub-divisional hospitals.