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March 6, 2013

Chief Minister proposes 3 bills after Cabinet Meeting at Writers` Building

Chief Minister proposes 3 bills after Cabinet Meeting at Writers` Building
West Bengal Chief Minister Ms. Mamata Banerjee greeted all women prior to the International Women`s Day which falls on March 8th. `I wish all women a very happy International Women`s Day, I also greet my brothers on this occasion since sisters are incomplete without brothers and the festival of `Rakhsha Bandhan` will have no meaning if brother is missing`, said the Chief Minister.
The State Government plans to bring three-bills in the House – The `West Bengal Lok Parisheba Adhikar Bill`, `West Bengal Reservation Bill for Higher Education` and `Kanyashree Bill`. The decision was taken at the Cabinet Meeting earlier in the day.
`I propose to bring the West Bengal Reservation Bill for Higher Education Bill and feel it will have immense significance since it will enable the students from socio-economic backward classes to continue higher studies. According to constitutional provisions, the communities under various categories like tribal and Adiwasi etc. will get 22 per cent, 6 per cent and those belonging to Other Backward Classes (OBC) will get 17 percent respectively. We will provide the reservation without disturbing the general student seats. We are not going to touch the general student`s category and create a separate reservation category`, said the Chief Minister. She said this is like building an additional capacity infrastructure. `Suppose I have three-rooms in my house and I require a drawing room, I will build a separate room and use it as per my requirements. Similarly, this is building of an additional capacity infrastructure`, she added.
This will enable the students from the backward classes to pursue higher education. `We have already provided job reservation to SC/ST, OBC and minority community people in the past, today we gave them the reservation in higher education`, added the Chief Minister.
Apart from that the State Government plans to bring ` West Bengal Lok Parisheba Adhikar Bill` which will ensure the people of this State to enjoy transparent and efficient services. `This will reduce the harassment caused by various departments who neither themselves nor would allow other to work properly, this will help people to have better services. I am sure that people will avail of this service. Initially, this will be applicable to in getting learning and driving license, registration of birth and death and procuring certificates, issue and duplicate mark sheets, land conversions, ration card, BPL card, electricity of connection, farming and educational services. `If anybody is found to be flouting the norms and harassing people then there is a provision where the person will have to pay a fine ranging from Rs. 250 to Rs. 1000. At the same time those making false implication at any officers will have to face the music`, said the Chief Minister.
`We have decided to introduce another Bill in the house, `Kanyashree`, as the name goes you all can understand that this is about girls. In this scheme I propose to include all women irrespective of caste and community`, said the Chief Minister who expressed her concern over the young girls being married off at an early age. `I am concerned about the percentage of school dropouts and getting married off at an early age. I am aware of the practical reason too behind such hasty decisions taken by the family`, she added. Those girls who come from poor socio-economic-condition will be given a scholarship of Rs. 500 per annum. `The girls studying in classes 8,9,10 and 11 and whose parent`s monthly income is Rs. 50,000 will get a scholarship of Rs. 500 per year.  The SC/ST, OBC and minority community will give the scholarships respectively and the rest will be paid by the Government`, informed the Chief Minister. Those student who will not marry until the age of 18-years will be given a onetime compensation of Rs. 25,000 which they can use according to their requirements.