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March 7, 2013

Trinamool MP Nadimul Haque speaks on motion of thanks on President`s Address in the Rajya Sabha

The hon. President in his address has mentioned about several schemes and objectives of the UPA Government. My question is that how will these dreams be materialized. We talk about poverty alleviation but we all know that only 20 percent of these schemes are reached to the real needy. The hon. President has also praised the farmers for record production. But the same poor farmer is himself sleeping hungry. We are the highest producer of milk in the world but our children are suffering from malnutrition. The minorities in the country are still not getting the equal opportunities. The condition of the minorities is becoming bad to worse. In West Bengal several steps have been taken by the State Government for the development of the minorities. The Urdu has been declared as a state language, the fund for the minorities has been doubled and CBI enquiry has been ordered in Wakf cases.
Several riots have been taken place during the UPA regime. The innocent youths of the minority are arrested in Bomb blast related cases. They spend their whole life in jails in the pursuit of proving them innocent. New scams are being unearthed every day. I urge upon the Government to release a paper on `Economic Impact of Corruption`. The Government also uses CBI whenever there is some threat to it. The Government's FDI policy is against the lacs of small traders. This Government is not with the people of this country.