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May 23, 2018

WBPCB sets up 75 air quality monitoring stations

WBPCB sets up 75 air quality monitoring stations

The West Bengal Pollution Control Board (WBPCB), run by the State Government, has set up 75 air quality monitoring stations in the State to check the level of air quality and combat pollution.

Of the 75, 17 are located in Kolkata. According to the chairman of WBPCB, the move is aimed at identifying sources of pollution which can be fine-tuned as per priority to ensure ambient air quality.

The pollution control body, according to one of its officials, had increased the number of monitoring stations substantially to bring all the zones under its network. There were only 48 air quality monitoring stations across the State till 2011.

WBPCB has collaborated with National Environment Engineering Research Institute to figure out the source of pollutants in Kolkata Metropolitan Area as part of the effort to create an ambient environment for the citizens.


Source: Millennium Post