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May 4, 2018

Only ‘Ghashphool’ matters, others are just fakes: Abhishek Banerjee at Purulia rallies

Only ‘Ghashphool’ matters, others are just fakes: Abhishek Banerjee at Purulia rallies

‘Ghashphool’ is the only flower that matters, the others are fake, said MP and All India Trinamool Youth Congress Chairperson Abhishek Banerjee at two rallies yesterday at Barabazar and Manbazar in Purulia district. The MP is also the party’s district in-charge.

With a pointed reference to the party with lotus as its symbol, the youth chief said that on the day of election, only ghashphool, that is, Trinamool Congress, would be of consequence. He said that from gram panchayats to panchayat samitis to zilla parishads, Trinamool Chairperson Mamata Banerjee has nominated candidates, and asked the people to vote for them.

In this connection, he said that the erstwhile ‘harmads’ of CPI(M) are now ‘ustads’ with the BJP – the same vicious people, unsatisfied with the CPI(M), just changed their political affiliations and are now chanting ‘Shri Ram’ while donning the saffron garb.

Referring to the Opposition parties, he said they are afraid of elections. Hence they are bent on instigating trouble and for the same reason, trying to throw the voting process off track by taking recourse to legal proceedings.

Another topic he touched on was the communal conflict being brought on by the BJP. He said taking out processions on Ram Navami and Mahavir Jayanti with weapons in hand is a BJP import, as these were never seen before 2014. True Hinduism, he emphasised, entails embracing the other with respect, not fighting and turning peoples and communities against each other.

Abhishek Banerjee asked the people to give the Opposition a fitting reply by voting for Trinamool Congress.


Source: Sangbad Partidin