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May 24, 2018

Golden harvest returns to Singur

Golden harvest returns to Singur

That the soil of Singur is capable of supporting a four-field rotation system has been proved anew.

After years of being left fallow because of the tussle with the Tatas, as soon as the Trinamool Congress Government won the case in the Supreme Court, the Agriculture Department began preparing the ground for planting crops.

Now, farmers have been successful in planting four crops consecutively, proving that the soil has become as fertile as before. Singur is famous for its highly fertile soil and this was one of the reasons the farmers’ protest started when the land was taken away forcefully.

After aman rice, boro rice was planted in the same soil. The production of boro rice was a record amount. Potato production was also much more than average. Pulses, maize, sesame, mustard and several other crops have also been planted.