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May 28, 2018

Kolkata to soon get female traffic police

Kolkata to soon get female traffic police

For the first time ever, Kolkata Police is going to introduce women police personnel to manage traffic. This is indeed a big step towards involving more women in Government services.

They will undertake all types of work that their male counterparts do, like going around the city on two-wheelers to ensure better traffic management like taking action if finding vehicles parked in no-parking zones and taking prompt action in case any woman needs help or is harassed.

For this work, forty newly recruited women constables underwent training at the Police Training School. They are ones who will be deployed soon at different parts of the city. Part of the training was learning how to manage traffic even during rush hours and ride two-wheelers.

It may be mentioned that Kolkata Police has taken several steps to ensure that women do not face any problem while walking down the streets, even at night. In a bid to improve the security arrangement, the women police will be posted at different places. According to the sources, this is another reason behind taking the decision to introduce the women police.

Women will feel freer speaking out to female police personnel in case they face harassment. Whenever needed, these police personnel will reach the spot on their two-wheelers to extend the necessary help.

At present, the officers are carrying out necessary tasks to finalise the areas where they need to be deployed.

According to experts, it is a revolutionary move to engage women for management of traffic. This comes at a time when Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has taken several steps for women’s empowerment.

Source: Millennium Post