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May 19, 2018

Subsidised ration for over 3 crore people during the month of Ramzan

Subsidised ration for over 3 crore people during the month of Ramzan

The State Government has decided to supply sugar, gram (chola) and flour (maida) at subsidised rates during holy the month of Ramzan. There would also be special supply of packaged mustard oil, though not at a subsidised rate.

The subsidised items would be given to families enlisted under the Antyodaya Anna Yojana (AAY) scheme and the families which are Special Priority Households (SPH), both categorisations being a part of the National Food Security Act. The number of people under these two categories in Bengal adds up to a little over 3 crore.

Earlier, the Government had advertised its decision to supply 500 gram (g) of sugar in two instalments at Rs 36 per kilogram (kg). As a welcome decision, the subsidy has been increased further to reduce the price to Rs 30 per kg.

Flour would be sold at Rs 18 per kg while flour would be sold at Rs 46 per kg. A litre of mustard oil would be sold at Rs 91 while 500 millilitre at Rs 47.

During the month of Ramzan each eligible family would be entitled to 500 g each of sugar, gram and flour, and a litre of mustard oil.

These measures once again prove Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s commitment to the needy people of Bengal. The Trinamool Congress Government is a Maa-Mati-Manush Government, as Mamata Banerjee calls it, in the real sense of the term.

Source: Bartaman