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May 22, 2018

Cyber crime police stations in every district

Cyber crime police stations in every district

Cyber crimes are increasing day by day. Posts in poor taste, provocative posts, hacking others’ accounts, etc. on social media and other cyber crimes like banking frauds, etc. are on the rise here, as in so many places across the world.

To combat such online crimes originating in Bengal, the State Government has decided to firm up its cyber crime fighting capabilities. For a start, it is being planned to set up cyber crime police stations in the districts.

Right now there is a cyber crime setup at the police headquarters in Lalbazar, Kolkata. However, having only one such unit hampers proper investigations of such crimes.

The State Police Department is now carrying on a study on which districts to set up the cyber crime-fighting units in, depending on where most crimes emanate from. Gradually such units will be set up in all the districts.

A group of police personnel are given special training on how to handle such crimes. Officers to operate from these district-based cyber crime police stations would be selected from this group. The computers in the police stations would be installed with the special software.

Plans are on to open some police stations this year itself. Budget requirements are being prepared. The Police Department would send the proposals to the Government soon.