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May 28, 2018

Much better infrastructure leading to more tourist arrivals in the Sundarbans

Much better infrastructure leading to more tourist arrivals in the Sundarbans

With the infrastructure being ramped up rapidly by the Trinamool Congress Government, the number tourists visiting Sundarbans has gone up too. The region now sees many more tourists round the year, while earlier tourist arrivals peaked during certain periods only.

With better and more roads, culverts (for channelling water under roads), watchtowers, better protected areas, beach development and other work being done, the mangrove haven has become more attractive. With the hike in tourists, naturally the local economy has also improved. Better means of livelihood are making lives easier for the locals. Things like better roads and rest sheds are a boon for the local people too.

Not just betterment infrastructure, there has been improvement in the system of inclement weather alerts too, which is beneficial to tourists and locals alike.

At the same time, infrastructure for water transport has also been improved. The conditions of the river jetties have been improved. Another step taken for improvement of connectivity is the construction of bridges, linking different islands in the delta.

To draw more tourists, every year, in August and September, the State Government organises the Hilsa Festival there.

The above facts are borne out by both Government officials and tour operators. The latter expressed a lot of hope for tourism during a recent tourism fair organised by the State Government in Kolkata. Among the popular places in the Sundarbans are Gosaba Hamilton Bunglow, Pirkhali, Dobaki Watchtower, Sajnekhali Watchtower, Sudhanyakhali Watchtower among others.

Source: Millennium Post