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May 19, 2018

Over 3,000 km of rural roads being repaired and widened by State Govt

Over 3,000 km of rural roads being repaired and widened by State Govt

Rural roads are essential as means of communication and are vital for the development of the socio-economic condition of people. This is especially true of rural regions where as they lack other means of transport.

Bengal is one of the best-performing states in terms of rural connectivity, a fact acknowledge by the Central Government itself. A lot of it is the result of work done by the Public Works Department (PWD) in convergence with the MGNREGA scheme. In the case of MGNREGA, Bengal is the best performer, both in terms of the number of person-days created and expenditure (with respect to the salaries given to workers).

Now, the PWD has taken up, on the instruction of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, the repairing and widening, as well as maintaining of roads till now looked after by the Zilla Parishads. This has been done as the department is specialised in handling this type of work. In fact, for the same reason, the Zilla Parishads were willing as well in handing over the work to the department.

Combining all regions of Bengal, the department will take up 331 roads, totalling a length of 3,366 km. Of these, work for 200 km has already been completed, and that for another 2,000 km is going on at a fast pace.

Besides repairing, all roads which are 3 metres (m) wide are being widened to 5 m. Keeping the heavy rains and floods in some regions in mind, both concrete and bituminous roads are being built. The State Government has allotted Rs 2,700 crore from the Budget’s Plan expenditure. More will be allotted as and when needed.

Another fact that needs to be mentioned is that West Bengal Highway Development Corporation (WBHDC) will be completing the widening (from two lanes to four) and strengthening of Delhi Road by the end of June. It was one of the major tasks taken up by the corporation for improving road connectivity in the State. The total length being widened and strengthened is 40 km, which is being completed in two phases of 20 km in each.

The Delhi Road serves as an important link, connecting Durgapur Expressway with its parallel thoroughfare, the Grand Trunk Road.

Roads are the gateways to development and progress. Under the leadership of Mamata Banerjee, Bengal is surging ahead like never before.

Source: Khabar 365 Din