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November 17, 2015

WB Govt to distribute free text books and test papers to Madhyamik students

WB Govt to distribute free text books and test papers to Madhyamik students

The state government has decided to distribute test papers for 11.58 lakh Madhyamik candidates for free. Easy availability of test papers will do a world of good to the board examinees.

And what’s more: The state is also contemplating making the higher secondary (HS) test papers available for free.

“Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee herself decided that the Madhaymik test papers should be available for free to each and every student. The students will be able to collect the test papers for free from their schools,” said education minister Partha Chatterjee.

“From the coming academic session, all the books published by the Madhaymik board will be available for free for the class 10 students. We are also contemplating offering higher secondary (HS) test papers for free,” he added.

The free text books for class 10 will be given to the students from the 2016-2017 academic session for Bengali, English and Mathematics.

The state government has already started distributing bicycles to students for free. “We are ensuring that the students can avail free transport while going to school. Hence, the work of distribution of free bicycles has already started. Now, after making test papers available for free we are also aiming at helping the class 10 students to get free textbooks. Our aim is to ensure that every student is encouraged to go to school by fighting all impediments,” Partha Chatterjee said.