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November 9, 2015

Krishnagar Municipality builds Bengal’s first home for vagabonds

Krishnagar Municipality builds Bengal’s first home for vagabonds

In a first-of-its-kind initiative in the state, Krishnagar Municipality is building a four-storied house in Krishnagar town for vagabonds or people with no homes, jobs or access to two proper meals a day. The home, which is located near the Krishnagar bus stand, will be inaugurated in December.

Speaking of the project, Asim Saha, the chairman of Krishnagar Municipality, said, “We are building a four-storied house for the vagabonds in town. We are spending about Rs 1.19 crore and the home is near completion. They (the vagabonds) will get food free of cost.” Saha added that there are 222 vagabonds in town. Initially, there will be just 50 beds for them. An NGO will cook meals for them. We have already discussed this with the NGO. We are going to inaugurate the home in December,” he said

While visiting different places in town for work, Saha reportedly saw some vagabonds. Empathising with them, Saha, who many describe as a kind man, came up with a plan to build a house (or shelter) for them. Since money was an issue, he wrote to the government about this project. The government sanctioned Rs 1.19 crore.