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November 2, 2015

Bengal – National model for Command Area Development programme

Bengal – National model for Command Area Development programme

The huge success of the State Irrigation Department during the last four years under the Trinamool Congress led government has been lauded by the Centre.

The Central authorities had to admit that the works done by the State Irrigation department under the Command Area Development (CAD) programme are beautiful masterpieces. The Union Minister said the volume of work done in the last three years was more than that done in the last 30 years.

The Central authorities said that the success story of the State Irrigation department under the CAD programme will be put up as a model for other States and they will be asked to follow it.

The Central authorities were also pleased to see the works done under the Ghatal Master Plan.

On the areas where riverbank erosion was growing, the Union Minister promised that it would help the State in reducing riverbank erosion from Farakka to Mohana.

“Last time we had taken the Central authorities to areas in Farakka where erosion was taking place. Today we showed them those places, which are eating up land every day. The Central authorities were quite concerned and have promised all help to check riverbank erosion,” State Irrigation minister Rajib Banerjee.

Mr Banerjee took the visiting Union Minister on a boat ride on the Hooghly River for an inspection of areas where heavy erosion was reported.