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November 2, 2015

No political gain can be achieved by disturbances: WB CM

No political gain can be achieved by disturbances: WB CM

Condemning incidents of encroaching on freedom of individuals, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Sunday said no political gain can be achieved by creating instability and such elements don’t want development of the country.

“What a person should eat or what he should wear, what he should sing … are all matters of his freedom, independent choice. Everyone in this country has the equal right to profess things of his choice,” the Trinamool Congress Chairperson told reporters at the city airport in Kolkata.

Replying to queries on alleged incidents of creating disturbance and encroaching on individual freedom, Banerjee said she condemned them. The concept of ‘Bharat’ remained within unity in diversity and that was the country’s core strength, she said.

Asserting that West Bengal always stood for unity and amity among all sections of people, the CM said, “If anyone is trying to foment trouble (in the country) that is not the right thing.”

She added, “Had there been the issue of development before them (such elements) they won’t have resorted to such tactics.”