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November 4, 2015

Mobile Monitoring System using GIS to cover all panchayats in Bengal

The West Bengal Government is setting up Mobile Monitoring System using GIS for keeping an eye on the works being done at all the panchayats. This android phone-based monitoring system is already in place in one thousand panchayats and will be applicable within one year in the rest 2349 panchayats.

Through this system, the Panchayat Minister and the officials of the State Secretariat at Nabanna will be able to monitor the works of the district officials based in the rural areas.

The State Government will provide android-based mobile phones to all the district officials responsible for panchayat development. The officers of the panchayat department are now visiting rural areas to train the panchayat workers to upload the developmental progress details through their mobile phones every 15 days.

From now on, the rural officials have to upload pictures of every projects undertaken by the panchayats at regular intervals, including those of Gram Sabhas. The pictures and records will be uploaded on the Panchayat department website and will thus be accessible from any part of the world.