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November 26, 2015

Statistics show Bengal growing faster than other States: WB FM

Statistics show Bengal growing faster than other States: WB FM

West Bengal Finance and Industry Minister Dr Amit Mitra laid forth several macroeconomic statistics that highlight the current developmental progress of the State.

He was speaking at the celebration of Bengal Day at the International Trade Fair in Delhi.

Dr Mitra said that according to NSO’s reports prepared with a base of the 2004-05 GDP, in 2014-15 West Bengal has elevated herself from many of the States.

According to Central Government figures, the rate of growth of GDP in Maharashtra being 5.66%, that of Rajasthan being 5.75%, Uttar Pradesh being 6%, Telengana being 5.35%, Karnataka being 7.05% and Punjab being 5.32%, West Bengal registered a growth of 7.15%.

In case of industrial growth, West Bengal is ahead than many of the States. The rate of growth being 4.36% in Karnataka, 4.01% in Maharashtra, 2.02% in Punjab, 3% in Rajasthan and 3.64% in Tamil Nadu, Bengal has an industrial growth rate of 5.05%.

The West Bengal Finance Minister informed that the developmental growth has been made possible in spite of the loan of Rs 87,000 crores made from the market in the last four years. He also stressed on the point that Rs 82,000 crores have been spent by the State to repay loan and interest made by the past Left Government.

The State Finance Minister stated that prior to 2011, there was only 50% electrification covering the households of the state and within four years 93% households could be provided with power supply.

He also stated that for irrigation purpose, prior to 2011, 1.10 lakh electric pump sets were used, the number of which rose to 2.65 lakh by 2015. He also stated that Bengal has instituted the Integrated Financial Management System, which no other State could yet implement.