Rajya Sabha

July 19, 2018

Sukhendu Sekhar Roy makes Zero Hour mention on the issue of mob lynching

Sukhendu Sekhar Roy makes Zero Hour mention on the issue of mob lynching


The country is concerned with the growing number of mob lynchings taking place, and they are based on fake news and rumours on social media websites. It is said the social media sites have, of late, become anti-social websites, and a forum for organised conspiracy.

The day before yesterday, that is July 17, the Hon Supreme Court bench headed by the Hon Chief Justice, while passing a forty five page order on this subject said, and I quote: “The horrendous acts of democracy cannot be allowed to overrun the law of the land.” The court warned that such incidents may rise like a typhoon-like monster across the country, and on the concluding paragraph of that forty five page order, I would like to quote a few lines, the Supreme Court said: “Parliament to create a separate offence for lynching and provide adequate punishment for the same. We have said so as a special law in this field would instill a sense of fear for the law among people who carry out such kind of activities. There can be no trace of doubt that fear of law and veneration for the command of law constitute the foundation of a civilised society.”

The matter is posted for further hearing on August 20. The government should come up before that, or the earliest convenience, with a comprehensive legislation before both the Houses of Parliament.

Finally, I condemn that the Minister of this government for glorifying the people who are responsible for mob -lynching.