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April 10, 2015

We demand state-funded elections: Mamata Banerjee at Barabazar

We demand state-funded elections: Mamata Banerjee at Barabazar

Trinamool Chairperson Ms Mamata Banerjee today started her municipal campaign by addressing a rally at Satyanarayan Park in Barabazar area.

She highlighted the cosmopolitan culture of Bengal during her speech and asked people not to vote for BJP which wants to destroy the liberal culture of the State.

People are the pillar of democracy

“In a democracy, people are our strength. We must reach out to them without arrogance. Trinamool Congress believes in free, fair, peaceful polls. People are the pillar of strength for a democracy. People are our family, doesn’t matter what your religion or language is,” she said.

The Chairperson added, “BJP wants to pit Hindus against Muslims, Christians against Hindus. They want to create fissures between people. Tyag ka naam hai Hindu, Iman ka naam hai Mussalman. Pyar ka naam hai Isai. Sikh ka naam hai balidan. Yeh hai hamara Hindustan.”

Mamata Banerjee reiterated that people cannot be fooled with lies and they will vote for development. She added that BJP, CPM and Congress were different sides of the same coin as they only engage in slander. She also slammed a few media houses for manufacturing propaganda against TMC.

TMC cannot be targeted with CBI

The Chairperson also took on the Opposition for levelling baseless charges against her regarding chit funds. She made it clear that it was TMC-led government that arrested the owner of a chit fund company from Kashmir.

She also said that just before elections, TMC is being targeted with CBI. “This is because we fight for the rights of people,” she added. “Narendra Modi can send 500 notices to TMC if he wants. We will not budge from our stand on Land Bill,” she dared the Centre.

Sale of paintings

Regarding sales of her paintings and books she said: “They are questioning my paintings and books. Who are they to ask these details? We have filed IT returns. I don’t claim to be a professional painter. I draw on canvas whatever I feel like. If people give us even one penny from their hard-earned money, it is a big blessing for us. Proceeds from the sales of my paintings and books go to the party. I don’t take a rupee. I even pay for my tea at Nabanna.”

Electoral reforms

Mamata Banerjee also called for electoral reforms, “We are a small party. We don’t have crores of rupees like other parties to launch multi-crore ad campaign. We have demanded electoral reforms since 1995. We demand state funding of elections. There is no hide and seek. Jago Bangla did an open exhibition of my paintings. They filed an affidavit. We also donated money from the sale of paintings to charity.”