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April 6, 2015

KMC Election 2015 Campaign: Borough I and II

KMC Election 2015 Campaign: Borough I and II

Members of AITC Digital Desk took a sneak peek at the campaigns for the Kolkata Municipal Election, 2015, by All Indian Trinamool Congress at Ward Nos 1, 2, 4, 6, 7 and 10 in Cossipore area and Chuni Babur Bazar in Borough I and Borough II. Campaign by Trinamool Congress in these areas has been based on the numerous developmental works including beautification of the areas.

Ward No: 1 –
AITC candidate Sita Jeswara

The Ward lies bounded by the Paramanick Ghat Road across Cossipore Road, Kashinath Dutta Road and across B.T. Road in the north, Khagendra Chatterjee Road and Rustomjee Parsee Road in the south, Barrackpore Trunk Road in the east and the Cossipore Road, Rustomjee Parsee Road and the River Hooghly in the west.

North Kolkata Campaign

Graffiti of Sita  Jeswara at Cossipore

Cossipore has been an important part of the city since the Raj-days. The area also houses the Cossipore Udyan Bati, where Sri Sri Ram Krishna Dev spent the last days of his life. The Cossipore Ghat, a historic crematorium, lies on the banks of river Hooghly.

North Kolkata Campaign

Area around Cossipore Udyan Bati kept spic and span

The area in and around Cossipore is now a clean and habitable place, thanks to the works done by the current KMC Board. Even the crematorium and place around it are spic and span. The area is now well-lit and facilities like public washrooms are now in place at important junctures.

Cossipore Cremetorium Ghat

Renovated Cossipore Crematorium Ghat

Other issues that once plagued the area like water logging, development of slums, drinking water supply and beautification of water bodies have been done successfully in Ward No 1.

Ward No: 2 –
AITC candidate Puspali Sinha

The Ward lies bounded by the Kalicharan Ghose Road and Ramkrishna Ghosh Road in the north, Dum Dum Road in the south, the tracks of Eastern Railways in the east and Anath Nath Deb Lane, Paikpara Row and Beerpara Lane in the west.

The area around Sinthee More is one of the most important junctures of the city. Numerous developmental works have been carried out by the KMC in this Ward. The Sinthee More is now lit-up by a High Mast with the streets and inner lanes being equipped with proper street lights.

High Mask

High Mast at Sinthee More

The last five years under the present KLMC Board has seen numerous works like construction of underground drainage system, setting up of KMC health clinic, renovation and ea of 12 parks in the Ward, setting up of KMC schools, one being residential and setting up of a compactor station near Sinthee police station. Supply of drinking water is no longer a problem in this ward.

Ward No: 4 –
AITC candidate Goutam Haldar

The Ward lies bounded by the Dum Dum Road in the north, Paikpara Raja Manindra Road and Umakanta Sen Lane in the south, Anath Nath Deb Lane, Indra Biswas Road and the Eastern Railway in the east and Barrackpore Trunk Road in the west.

North Kolkata Campaign

Graffiti of Goutam Haldar near Chuni Babur Bazar

The area around Chuni Babur Bazar on the BT Road, Northern Avenue and Tala Park bear the bright picture of developmental works done in the last five years.

North Kolkata Campaign

Renovated Bus Stand at Chuni Babur Bazar

The last five years saw at the supply of water from Tala Tank to more than 90% of the households in the area. Drainage problem is also a thing of past with the open drains now been covered. Slums have been renovated nas under 100 Days Work Scheme, 16 water bodies have been renovated and beautified in the area.

Ward No: 6 –
AITC candidate Suman Singh

The Ward lies bounded by the Rustomjee Parsee Road and Khagendra Chatterjee Road in the north, the Circular Canal in the south, Rustomjee Parsee Road, Cossipore Road and Barrackpore Trunk Road in the east and the River Hooghly in the west.

Suman Singh graffiti

Graffiti of Suman Singh at Cossipore

The Ward which includes the Cossipore Gun and Shell Factory comprises mainly working class people.

North Kolkata Campaign

Kiosks with machines supplying cold drinking water in the area

Numerous works were undertaken in the last five years including supplying of pipelined drinking water to the slums, setting up of a community hall for the residents, five High Masts in the Ward, beautification of the areas, setting up of five kiosks with machines supplying cold drinking water in the summer.

Ward No: 10 –
AITC candidate Dr Prasun Ghosh

The Ward lies bounded by the Shyambazar Street, Bhupendra Bose Avenue and Baghbazar Street in the north, Ramkanta Bose Street and Shri Aurobinda Sarani in the South, Bidhan Sarani in the east and Jatindra Mohan Avenue and Sachin Mitra Lane in the west.

KMC shouchalaya

Toilets for all, courtesy KMC

At the heart of North Kolkata, Ward No 10 has seen tremendous improvement in the past five years. From street light at every lane to amenities like public washrooms at important junctures, numerous works have been taken up. Restoration of heritage buildings under KMC, including landmarks like the Sovabazar Rajbari, the house of Raja Rajkrishna Deb, Bhabatraini Temple complex, Town School, Duff School has also been taken up.