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April 4, 2015

KMC Election 2015 Campaign: Borough XIII and XIV

KMC Election 2015 Campaign: Borough XIII and XIV

Members of AITC Digital Desk took a sneak peek at the campaigns for the Kolkata Municipal Election, 2015, by All Indian Trinamool Congress at Ward No.s 119, 120, 131 and 132 in Behala. Enthusiasm derived from massive developmental works have been a driving force of the campaign here, we found out.

Ward No: 119 –
AITC candidate Asoka Mondal

The Ward lies bounded by the south of New Alipore Block-K in the north, Roy Bahadur and AC. Roy Road in the south, Joy Krishna Paul Road, Sahapur Main Road and Barikpara Road in the east and Diamond Harbour Road in the west.

Ashoka Mondal is a household name in the Ward No 119. We found her planning for the next move in her office in Ward No 119. A councilor for many times, Ashokadi is well aware of each corner of her ward.


Asoka Mondal at campaign office in Ward No 119

Numerous graffiti and AITC flags boast support to the hardworking councilor at every step.

Door-to-door campaign is almost finished, said Ashokadi and the response had been overwhelming. The past five years have been busy as there were loads of developmental works to be done.


Renovated Health Unit of Ward No 119

Ward No 119 has seen new health centres under KMC planned, public toilets built, the inner streets and the drinking water supply revamped and each locality cleaned daily. Health and sanitation has been give priority here in this ward.

Ward No: 120 –
AITC candidate Susanta Ghosh

The Ward lies bounded by the Roy Bahadur A.C. Roy Road in the north, Bhupen Roy Road in the south, Bamacharan Roy Road in the east and Diamond Harbour Road in the west.

Sushanta Ghosh, the AITC candidate was in a jovial mood, chatting with the party activists in the office of the Ward No 120 at Roy Bahadur Road. Door-to-door campaign has been completed a week ago, now we are holding street corner meetings and may hold a big procession. The people know their councilor and are well aware that he is always available in their thick and thin, that is the image of Sushantada in Ward No 120.


Sushanta Ghosh at his campaign office in Ward No 120

Ward No 120 has seen huge developmental works under Sushantada. Cleanliness and sanity has been a prime issue. Even the auto stands in the areas now have latrines for their usage. Parks are well maintained.


Campaign banner of Sushanta Ghosh in Ward No 119

There was a demand from the locals people to maintain the elevation of the roads, said Sushantada. After repeated patchworks, the level of the road at many places, had risen above the level of some houses. To solve this, certain roads were fully dug and relayed during the last five years, Sushantada said.

Ward No: 131 –
AITC candidate Sovan Chatterjee

The Ward lies bounded by Upendranath Banerjee Road and Bonomali Naskar Road in the north, Jingira Khal, Pallishri, Maharani Indiradebi Road and Netaji Subhas Road in the south, Diamond Harbour Road and Kshudiram Bose Sarani in the east and Jingira Khal in the west.

Sovan Chatterjee’s office at Parnashree was crowded. The mayoral candidate has led a huge procession early in the morning and the turnout had been huge. That was the main point of discussion there.


Graffiti of Sovan Chatterjee in Ward No 131

Throughout the last five years, development work has been done in all the wards under the Kolkata Municipal Corporation, Sovan da said. From ward number 1 to 144, a lot of work has been happening in every department including roads, lighting, parks, health, drainage and drinking water. Therefore, there is no need to take preparations for the elections separately. Work has been done for the common man and they will vote in favour of us, told a confidant Sovan da.


Campaign car with AITC symbol in Ward 131

The area around Parnashree now has an aura of pride that evolves from the numerous developmental works.

Ward No: 132 –

AITC candidate Sanchita Mitra

The Ward lies bounded by the Canal in the north, Upendranath Banerjee Road, Bonomali Naskar Road in the south, Diamond Harbour Road in the east and the junction of Upendranath Banerjee Road and the Canal in the west.

Ward No 132 houses the two most important landmarks of the Parnashree Palli – the Parnashree Bus Stand and the Parnashree Lake.  Under KMC, the bust stand has been renovated and modernized providing great utility the commuters.


Graffiti of Sanchita Mitra in Ward No 132

The Parnashree Lake, which used to be an ill-maintained water body, is now a matter of pride to the locals. Beautifully decorated, guarded and lit up, the Lake adds a feather to the beautification works made by KMC. Water supply has also been revamped in the area besides cleaning the neighborhood twice a day.


Renovated Parnashree Lake, Behala