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April 24, 2015

Elections are a festival of democracy: Mamata Banerjee

Elections are a festival of democracy: Mamata Banerjee

West Bengal Chief Minister today met the press at Nabanna. She took questions from the media on a range of topics:

On corporation election

Democracy has returned to Bengal after 34 years. The corporation election this year was the most peaceful in recent times. I extended thanks to all after corporation elections. Not just my party.

We do not want anyone to take law into their own hands. We want peaceful polls. I appeal to people to cast their votes freely tomorrow. I love people. It is my duty to work for them. It is my responsibility.

Administration will perform their duties as per law. Elections are a festival of democracy. People are God in democracy. No one has any right to insult people to satisfy their ego.

On smear campaign by media

Some media houses are spinning false stories to mislead people. They are trying to influence them. They must prove their allegations against Trinamool. They are trying to incite and provoke. They are spreading falsehoods.

Some people are using shortcut methods of appearing in media. What history of serving people do they have? One can get temporary publicity through shortcut methods. There will be no long term result out of that.

Results of municipal polls

Whatever the results will be, let us wait till EVMs are opened. Let us not speculate beforehand. I have full faith in people. They have the final say in a democracy.

We hope people will shower us with their blessings based on the work we have done in the last few years. Even in Bongaon and Krishnaganj we increased our margins.

Centre is taking away all our funds. Despite all odds we have performed well for the sake of people.

Problems faced by potato farmers

We have taken several initiatives for the potato farmers. We have written to Centre to waive their loans. Ours is the only government that meets every fortnight with the task force on agriculture to keep a check on prices. When potato prices were touching Rs 60 in other states, we sold them at Rs 14/kg.

Land acquisition

Land is an asset. Enough farmlands have been acquired. We must conserve land for agriculture for food security. We must support our farmers. They also have plans for their families. They have hopes and aspirations.