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October 15, 2014

WB Agriculture Dept to set up a unique rice museum at Fulia

WB Agriculture Dept to set up a unique rice museum at Fulia

The State Agricultural Department has taken a unique initiative for the preservation of special varieties of rice by setting up of a Rice Museum in Fulia, Nadia. The Museum will be set up at the Agricultural Training Institute at Fulia.
The Institute is on a process of collecting around three hundred and fifty samples of over 200 varieties of rice grown in India.  The Museum will display all these samples with the details including the process of cultivating them.
The State Agriculture Minister Mr Purnendu Bose recently visited the Training Institute. He said that processes are being made to cultivate these rice varieties through organic means. The seeds for these paddy plants will also be produced here, he said. He said that the farmers will be given proper training for the cultivation of these rice varieties.
The varieties of rice include: Komal Aghnivar, Kelas, Bhutmuri, Kele Anshkata, Kalabakri, Jota, Gora, Kakhri, Kotki, Asanlaya, Lakkhidighal, Megi, Jol Jabra, Katarangi Kalamocha, Soley, Hoghla, hodmanano, Langolmuthi, Koijuri, Hogla Byat, Dubraj, Panidhan, Narayankamini, etc.

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