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October 17, 2014

Centre not consulting States is not healthy for federalism: Mamata Banerjee

Centre not consulting States is not healthy for federalism: Mamata Banerjee

Trinamool Chairperson held a meeting with elected representatives of the party and other top leadership today at Trinamool Bhavan. Several organisational issues were discussed in the meeting. The Chairperson addressed the press after the meeting ended.

Here is what she said to the media:

  • I am meeting you all after a long time at Trinamool Bhavan. I wish you all Shubho Bijoya.
  • Just like we conduct administrative review meetings regularly, we also conduct regular review meetings for the party every three months.
  • Meetings for various district committees will begin from 5 November.
  • The new Central Govt wants to restrict 100 Days' Work Scheme to a few select blocks only. They want to take away a source of livelihood from the poor. This will have a detrimental effect on the people of the country.
  • I am happy to note that leading economists and NGOs have protested against the Centre's decision to dilute NREGA.
  • In terms of expenditure for job creation under 100 Days' Work, Bengal is No. 1. We are far ahead of Gujarat. Centre has not yet released funds for 100 Days' Work. We will carry on our agitation against this.
  • The Centre is engaged in politics of changing names of welfare schemes. Is this how governance is carried out? Work for several projects is closed across India because Centre has not been able to find a name for them.
  • Centre is not consulting States. They are issuing circulars without even keeping State Govt on loop. This is not healthy for federalism. The federal structure of the country is disturbed under the new Central Govt.
  • Earlier the PM used to take an all-party delegation along with him to UN. This year it was cancelled. This is murder of democracy. Is the Centre giving a message that only BJP delegations will go to UN? No other party will accompany the PM.
  • The condition under this Govt reminds me of Emergency. We want to maintain a culture of political courtesy. The Centre must reciprocate.
  • The Centre is sending orders to the DM bypassing the State Govt. Is this federalism?
  • A culture of irresponsible comments, and unparliamentary utterances is being practised by them. We do not endorse such culture. We believe in politics of culture and courtesy.
  • Bengal is a land of communal harmony. Our motto is Sarva Dharma Samannaya.
  • I had posted a Facebook post. Nowhere did I mention NIA. But media kept saying my post was about NIA. There can be no compromise on terrorism. We have no problem with NIA probe. We just want the Centre to consult us before taking any decision.
  • It was Ashtami when the Burdwan incident took place. Lakhs of people were celebrating Durga Puja. Our police managed the situation well.
  • Criminals are criminals. They do not have caste, creed or religion.
  • Borders are manned by Central agencies like BSF or SSB. They are responsible for infiltration.
  • We all are Indians. We all love our country. We cannot support fundamentalism based on religion.
  • Riots are the biggest curse for a country. The flames of riots can engulf the entire nation and destroy India.
  • A section of the media has lost their credibility.
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