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October 12, 2014

Actions initiated by Centre are politically motivated: Partha Chatterjee

Actions initiated by Centre are politically motivated: Partha Chatterjee

Secretary General of All India Trinamool Congress, Dr Partha Chatterjee, addressed a press conference at Trinamool Bhavan on Saturday. He criticised the Centre for politicising the Burdwan incident. 

Here is what he said:

  • A report was sent (by the state government) at anappropriate time but why did they (the Centre) sit on the report for some days?
  • The Centre has failed to curb illegal immigration from theneighbouring country for which, it owes an answer.
  • If infiltration takes place across the border and negligencetakes places whose responsibility is it? What is the role of the border guardsof the Central government?
  • I want to ask the babus of the Centre and their supportershere on whom does the responsibility of guarding the borders rest? Who deploysthe border guards?
  • Before giving explanation on the issue of infiltration Iwant to say that responsibilities lie on the central agency to keep a vigil onmovement of people.
  • We are raising questions whether there has been any shoddyjob in guarding the borders. They are coming and going, selling bombs and doingdifferent things. Who are they? Where is the incompetence? The Union Governmentmust answer this.
  • The actions initiated by the Centre so far are politicallymotivated.
  • BJP and the CPI(M) are speaking in the same voice. They are tryingto disrupt the peaceful situation in the state to reap political benefits.
  • Bengal has a rich culture and heritage. Bengal has neverdiscriminated between people on religious lines.

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