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October 6, 2014

Abhishek Banerjee condemns Subramanian Swamy`s irresponsible comments on social media

Abhishek Banerjee condemns Subramanian Swamy`s irresponsible comments on social media

National President of Trinamool Yuva Mr Abhishek Banerjee strongly condemned the irresponsible, fictitious and malicious comments of Mr Subramaniyam Swami on social media.

This is what he said in protest:

Dear Mr Swamy,

I strongly condemn your irresponsible, fictitious and malicious comments about Hon'ble CM of West Bengal Ms. Mamata Banerjee. I wish to enlighten you with a few facts about our beloved CM: She is the messiah of the poor, a person who has stood for the betterment and the upliftment of the masses, irrespective of the casts, creed, religion and color.

Unlike you, and the party you have recently developed love for, Mamata Banerjee has stood the test of time and the people of Bengal can vouch for her integrity. Her actions speak louder than her words. She has been a fighter all her life. She fought for the poor, deprived and the marginalized people of Bengal. Her credibility is her accountability. Her integrity and honesty stands apart rock solid inimitable till today.

May I please ask you about your credentials and contributions towards the society at large, which I daresay is hardly worth remembering. It seems you have started a new innings for the Bharatiya Janata Party by targeting individuals you can't face democratically. You can fight a court case but not an election.

Without an iota of doubt I can say that you are good at sharing your thoughts and expressing your views only on Twitter and Facebook accounts. Your public interaction remains confined within four walls of the studios of a few news channels. On a personal note, may I please ask you how many times have you changed your party? Your credentials remains battered and bruised within the saffron fold, of which you are the self-proclaimed savior.

I challenge you to come and fight against Mamata Banerjee democratically. She doesn't use a security cover which she is entitled to, unlike you who requires a Z plus category from the central government to travel from your house to the newsroom studios. You require a security cover because you are aware of the fact that your repulsive presence will not be tolerated by the people of the country.

I would also wish to ask you why you failed to become the CM of Tamil Nadu time and again. Forget the post of CM, your party is not even recognized by the people of Tamil Nadu. Election after election, people have dumped your party electorally. And when you managed to win any election, it was with the aid of another political party, thus providing your worth and credibility.

Unlike you, Mamata Banerjee got a thumping and overwhelming majority in her state with a massive mandate. Bengal is the land of peace-loving people, it is the land of Tagore and Nazrul and you need to be a human at heart to understand the fabric of communal harmony. 

You are spreading this false propaganda and creating apocryphal and spurious stories because you know she is the only honest politician in the country who doesn't fear anything and you cannot fight her in the elections. 

Either you should support your statement with facts or you should withdraw those unwarranted comments and apologize unconditionally in front of the country.

Again I condemn your blatant bunch of lies and pray to the Almighty on this gracious occasion of Eid impart some sense of rationalism within you.

Get well soon.