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October 10, 2014

Centre frequently unnecessarily interferes in State matters: WB CM

Centre frequently unnecessarily interferes in State matters: WB CM

WB CM today criticised the Centralgovernment for frequently and unnecessarily interfering in State matters. Shesaid that this is a matter of great concern. Calling all to work for strengtheningthe federal structure of the Constitution, she posted on her Facebook page thateveryone must unite to combat the communal forces.

Thefull post:

I amin politics since my childhood days, and my public life spans over more than 26years.

Ifeel like sharing with my facebook friends that ever since the new Governmenthas come to power at the Centre, there is an increasing trend of interferenceby the Central Government in the state matters.

Thebeauty of federal structure is the jurisdiction of working between the Centreand the State and some by both. Primarily, the role of the Central Governmentis to deal matters concerning major policies/decision making issues. It isexpected that Centre and the States do not encroach upon the areas of activitiesof others.

Now-a-days,the Central Government tends to frequently and unnecessarily interfere in statematters what is not at all expected as per our Constitution.

Evencertain controversial matters are coming up in electronic media like Doordarshanand private channels are being persuaded, resulting in fomenting communaltension in different states. This is being done with active support of theCentral Government, which is acting like a political party.

Thispractice is unprecedented, undemocratic and unethical. This marks a dangeroussignal of violation of the Constitutional norms, jeopardizing the federalstructure and democratic fibre of our country.

In myview, the need of the hour is to share it with all friends who believe infederalism and democracy.

Letus be united to combat the communal forces.

Letus work together to protect our federal structure as per our Constitution.

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