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July 30, 2018

NRC a serious humanitarian issue and a deliberate attempt to isolate people: Mamata Banerjee

NRC a serious humanitarian issue and a deliberate attempt to isolate people: Mamata Banerjee

Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee addressed a press conference on National Registration of Citizens (NRC) in Assam today. She termed this as a serious humanitarian issue and a deliberate attempt to isolate people.

Highlights of her press conference:

  • We are worried over the issue of NRC. Names of more than 40 lakh people, mostly Bengalis, have been omitted.
  • There is a list of documents which could be furnished. Names have been removed even after furnishing valid documents.
  • All modes of communication have been suspended. We are unable to contact anyone there. Govt of India has sent more forces to Assam.
  • Even citizens with Aadhaar card and passport have been said to not fulfilling the NRC criterion.
  • Not only Muslims, Hindus have been targeted too. People with Bengali surname are being targeted specifically.
  • Is this a targeted isolation of Bengalis? Some of these people are living for generations in Assam. Even some Biharis are being targeted.
  • Bengal shares a border with Assam. Our state will have to bear the brunt. These people are not Rohingyas. They are very much citizens of India.
  • Total divisive policy. This is a gameplan to play politics of division. This is a destructive policy.
  • Citizens of this country have become refugees in their own country, thanks to Assam and Central Government.
  • I have full respect for the judiciary. Why did the Government of India remain silent about giving protection to these people. Why did they not bring any Bill in Parliament?
  • Unnecessary provocations are being made for electoral process.
  • Our MPs in Rajya Sabha protested today. The Home Minister said there is no reason to panic. Why then, did they send 15 companies force to Assam? Why are all modes of communication suspended?
  • A ‘Bangali-khedao’ movement is going in Assam. Where will the 40 lakh people go?
  • Why did the GOI not call us for a meeting? Did they not know the ramifications? Did they not know Bengal will be affected? Now they are asking us to take care.
  • I urge the Home Minister to save these people. They are human beings. Do not play with fire.
  • We are sending a team of MPs to Assam soon. I might go myself. This is a humanitarian crisis, not just a law and order problem.
  • Bengal is with these people. We will stand in solidarity with them. This is a deliberate attempt to isolate them.
  • The situation would not have arisen had Centre not indulged in divide and rule, electoral politics.
  • This is totally a vote-bank agenda. They have identified people who vote for BJP and who don’t.
  • Why should I talk to the CM of Assam? Did they consult us before taking this step? I am going to Delhi. If I get the opportunity, I will meet the Home Minister.