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July 4, 2018

Eco-tourism park at fish farm in Digha

Eco-tourism park at fish farm in Digha

In a novel initiative, the State Fisheries Department has decided to create an eco-tourism park at one of its fish farms in Digha.

The 7.5-hectare lake at the fish farm, run by the State Fisheries Development Corporation (SFDC) also is home to a large variety of migratory birds during winter. Surrounded by casuarinas and coconut trees, the lake and is surroundings make for an enchanting environment.

According to the managing director of SFDC, who revealed this information, as of now, Rs 50 lakh would be used to construct four cottages for tourists and roadways, and set up lighting arrangements.

Tourists would be also able to catch fish at this lake for a very reasonable price. For those who know swimming, there is the added opportunity of being able to board fishermen’s boats and catch fish with them in nets.

Along with eco-tourism, the Government has also decided to promote the State’s handicrafts at this park. Hence, items like terracotta dolls, and articles made of madur, wood, jute, shells, bamboo and other things would available at the market complex to be built inside the park.

Source: Aajkaal