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July 11, 2018

Clothes designed by Presidency inmates to be sold across showrooms in Kolkata

Clothes designed by Presidency inmates to be sold across showrooms in Kolkata

The State Correctional Administration Department has roped in a leading menswear brand ‘Turtle’ to offer training in tailoring to inmates of Presidency Correctional Home.

The training programme was formally launched on June 29. According to the concerned minister, the department has been providing training on tailoring to a section of inmates of Presidency Correctional Home for quite some time. However, now it’s time to upgrade, to provide inmates with better opportunities, which would be of immense help when they are released and begin to look for a livelihood.

The minister also said that the fashion brand will be organising workshops in phases and the inmates who are already undergoing training on tailoring will be upgraded to ensure that their products find a place among the very best.

The brand will use their latest machines for the purpose of imparting this training and most importantly, after the inmates develop the skills, they will be provided with order targets and the garments tailored by them will be directly sold to customers from all the outlets of the fashion brand across Kolkata.

For several years now, the Trinamool Congress Government has been offering various types of training to the inmates of correctional homes in different vocations that provide opportunities for inmates to engage themselves in fruitful pursuits during their terms in the homes. The skill training also opens up opportunities for them to follow a vocation after release from the correctional home

Source: Millennium Post