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July 15, 2018

Bengal Government’s mouthpiece published in Ol Chiki

Bengal Government’s mouthpiece published in Ol Chiki

The State Government’s official magazine, Paschimbanga, has been published in a new script now. Besides English and Bengali, it used to be published in Santhali, among other languages, but that was written in the Bangla script. Recently the first Ol Chiki edition has been published. The title in Ol Chiki is to be written as ‘Pachim Bangla’.

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has done a lot for popularising the Ol Chiki script for writing the Santhali language. The way Santhali culture is being preserved by the Trinamool Congress Government, no one had done earlier.

From books to school exams to translations of Bengali literature, Ol Chiki is being used extensively. With the official mouthpiece of the Bengal Government getting published in Ol Chiki too, a new milestone has been reached.


Source: Aajkaal