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July 5, 2018

Bengal Govt to distribute 50 lakh saplings for Vanmahotsav

Bengal Govt to distribute 50 lakh saplings for Vanmahotsav

The Forest Minister recently announced that 50 lakh saplings would be given away by the State Government to MLAs, educational and other institutions across Bengal, to plant on the occasion of Vanmahotsav on July 14. The festival would go on for seven days.

Fifteen per cent of the 50 lakh would be fruit trees. All the 294 MLAs of the State would be given 1,000 saplings to plant in their own areas.

Schools, colleges, clubs, and various institutions and offices which have space to plant would be given saplings.

Saplings would be sold from the counter of the Forest Department too. Anyone can go and buy, at a rate of Rs 2 per sapling. Forest Department products like honey and citronella oil would be sold at a discount of 10 per cent.

The minister announced that, as part of the Vanmahotsav festival, neem trees would be planted across Kolkata – for shade as well as for being strong enough to be able to withstand strong winds.

The minister also made a few other announcements. Those who show good results in being able to take care of trees, including Forest Department officials and workers, would be rewarded – first prize of Rs 1 lakh, second prize of Rs 75,000 and third prize of Rs 50,000.

A special edition of the Forest Department magazine, Banabithi would also be published on the occasion of Vanmahotsav.

Source: Aajkaal