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July 2, 2018

Mangoes from Bankura finding lucrative export market

Mangoes from Bankura finding lucrative export market

The State Food Processing & Horticulture Department has left no stones unturned to give a major push to the export of the amrapali and mallika varieties of mango from the district of Bankura. As a result, the first consignment of mangoes – six tonnes of amrapali – for this year set out for Dubai on June 22.

Last year, about 100 tonnes of mangoes were exported from Bankura to the Middle East countries, Malaysia and Singapore.

According to the vice-chairman of West Bengal Agro Industries Corporation, the demand for amrapali is especially high as it is one of the juiciest and best-smelling mangoes.

Himsagar, langra and lakshmanbhog – all from Malda – have already created a steady export market. Now it is the turn of amrapali.

The state’s mangoes have also been receiving overwhelming response at the Mango Festival in New Delhi, which had started on June 17 and will continue till June 30.

On an average, 20 quintals of mangoes are being sold daily there, including amrapali and mallika, said a senior official of the Horticulture Department, adding that 17 tonnes of mango from Bankura has been taken to the Delhi festival.

This year, under the jurisdictional area of the State Government, mangoes have been grown on 4,000 hectares of land in Bankura district, with 10 tonnes on an average in each hectare.

Source: Millennium Post